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Madame Ming-O-Pot-O-Mus
This is the girl that started it all for me (Heather)  She was 62lbs and 22" and the best dog I ever owned.  She may not have been a show dog, but she thought she was Queen Bee...

Oleo Farm's Mi-Te Bul-Rinkl
Bul was our foundation stud and was loved by my mother and father.
We lost him too young to a back injury...his few children kept his good temperment and looks going.
He is very missed..

CH. Sze Hao MM's Studly Doright
Studly produced a good variety of colors with his wonderful temperment.
He also had great rear movement, nice litttle ears, and a coin tail..
He lived up to his name and produced some great puppies.
My Honey Bear and Tootsie are just two. Lossing him was very hard.

CH. Oleo Farm's Madame M's Roset
Rosie was my foundation bitch. She only had 2 litters but her puppies had her
great temperment and pretty eyes. She was my first Champion, finishing with all majors.
She is loved and very missed...

"Honey Bear"
Ch. Madame M's Nutt-N-Honey Bear
Shown here taking a 3 pt major
at 4 weeks pregnant.....
Honey Bear was a great show dog, she took back to back BOB's when her puppies were just
10 weeks old. Her son "Walker", who is living in Tx is a Ch. and has produced some great puppies.
Her Granddaughter "Bailey" was the #1 Pei 2004 and  2005.
She was my best friend, and my heart still aches with her loss.

Romfree's Toosie Pup
Tootsie is Honey Bear's full sister, just a year younger. She had great movement and only lacked her majors to finish (19pts). As my mother puts it "she was always a bridesmaid and never a bride".
My mother loved her and misses her very much...

Madame M's Hoity-Toity Bul-et
Bul-et is Rosies litermate. She had only two litters as well. She was never shown as
she never liked the show ring. But her few puppies she did produce are in loving homes.
She is a Bul-Rinkl daughter in every way. She was spayed, and returned to the couch...
She has left a permantent indentation on my couch, as well as my heart...

Romfree's Chings Trinket
Trinket is a Bul-Rinkl granddaughter, she was not shown alot, as she did not like the
show ring very much.  She had one beautiful litter, and produced some great puppies.
She was loved very much by my mom and dad, and is very missed.